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Avalon Town Hall

The Avalon Town Hall is a tower that stands in Eastern Avalon, somewhat near the neck of the City of Destiny’s peninsula. It has long been used as the center of Avalon life.

The tower’s early life saw quite a few Dungeon Crawl & Wilderness Hunt launches, several vicious planned & spontaneous battles, many furniture replacements (as there was no ability for players to lock-down furniture at the time), and beloved Agnes, the Vendor of the bar on the Town Hall roof.

Avalon Town Hall



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Ground Floor

A Town Crier stands outside, and an (NPC) Stablemaster stands ready inside to stable all your pets for a small fee. The main room in the Town Hall is a small meeting area, and the stairwell is home to a small, but beloved, brewery.

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Second Floor

The Ministers’ Council Room and office of the Prime Minister takes up the main room on the Town Hall’s second floor.

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Third Floor

A “Hunting Lodge” hall fills most of the Avalon Town Hall’s third floor. Memorobilia of past events stand testiment to the valor and tenacity of the Avalon people.

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Tables and chairs surround three sides of a large stage, often making it the perfect place for large town meetings and social gatherings. Avalon’s Town Hall roof has always been home to a bar for the people, and the current incarnation is no exception. The Eastern outcropping of the Avalon Town Hall is the current home of it’s famous bar.

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Avalon: City of Destiny is a player-city, located on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard.
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