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Avalon Commissary

The Avalon Merchant Cooperative came about as several citizens and close associates came together to assist local merchants and their customers. Not a guild, but still sometimes known as “AMC,” this new organization became known for its periodic tracking of Vendors and services on the Avalon peninsula. Its close association with the Avalon government’s official commerce representatives brought the two groups goals to become synonymous.

Legolos donated a large brick building to Avalon, which the Cooperative put to immediate use as its Avalon Merchant Commissary. Ultimax was recruited to manage the building, and an offer was put out that this new building would grant space to those who wished to operate a Vendor in Avalon. The Commissary quickly became filled with many popular and well-stocked Vendors.

Avalon’s “Vendor Mall” has been host to several special activities, notable Baja’s first Vendor Sale Days (the brainstorm of Hatewraith, one-time Vendor-operator), the Avalon Key Giveaway and Ultimax’s Gold Giveaway, and is now known by the shorter “Avalon Commissary.”

The Commissary today
Ultimax continues on as the Commissary’s caretaker. In his time he has made several noteworthy redecorations. He has built a workshop in a back room, which is open and available to the public. It includes smithing & tailoring add-ons, and carpentry & tinkering tools. Ultimax, or “Max” as he is sometimes called, has also cleaned up and colored the furniture with a fresh new look. The grumpy custodian of the Commissary has been known to give away crafted items now & again, and the Commissary occasionally sponsors contests & giveaways.

The Rules
Visitors to the Commissary are asked to observe the following rules, in Ultimax's own words: “No attackin’, no stealin’, no harrassin’, or even hintin’ at them things, or you'll get banned from the building. So don’t spar with yer buddies, snoop the guy nexta ya, or pound on any animal thats wandered in, cause it aint never good fer business fer potential customers t’ see that kinda crap goin on.”

Avalon Commissary




Main Room

The main room of the Commissary typically holds from 11 to 14 vendors, each slot provided for free to bajans who merely have to show inventory traffic and, of course, reasonable pricing.


Ultimax took it upon himself to rework the back room into a full workshop. Smithing and Tailoring add-ons exist side-by-side with several vendors who specialize in “rares.”


This office and store room has held treasure from various hunting expeditions and prizes for several contests. It doubles as Ultimax’s own personal sanctuary.


Avalon Commissary


Avalon: City of Destiny is a player-city, located on Ultima Online’s Baja Shard.
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