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The Wedding of Jixxa and GilMour — 1999

The following is as reported by Aya, Avalon webmistress at the time of the Wedding.

The Bride and Groom:
Jixxa, betrothed of GilMour

Conducting the ceremony:
Seer Irien

Official Witnesses were:
Elder Counselors Zodiac and Grevlok, Seer Spirit, and Counselor Therin

The Wedding Party:
Miss Fran, Flower girl, escorted by Master Fripp, Ring bearer;
Polaris, Maid of Honor, Escorted by MacDeath Cross, Best Man;
Lady Riena Faire, Escorted by Lord Odin;
Miss Ann, Escorted by Lord Shard;
Lord Sin, as Representative of the Bride's Family

Well, the wedding was a huge success!  Sin gave away Jixxa and didn't even punch out the groom.  I, for one, was impressed.   Little Fran was running to and fro throwing flowers everywhere, while  Little Fripp was chasing her around trying to look up her skirt.  Of course HE tells a different story but we all know what those kids are like.

The best part about the whole wedding is that Jack the Fool came!  I was so happy to see him I near cried.  When you see a teal-dressed chubby guy in a jester hat, NO your eyes do not deceive you!  That's really Jack!

Here's everyone posing for the camera.  Jack's in this photo!  So am I, and I'm much prettier than Jack.  Like my dress and hat?  I dyed them to match my beautiful hair!

There were very few disruptions before the ceremony, and none after the ceremony had begun.  Newbie Spice ran up and started asking dumb questions, but she was soon jailed by the Invisible Powers That Be.  The only hitch came when Seer Irien asked GilMour "Do you take this woman as your wife?" and he didn't respond for a LONG time!  My heart, for one, was pounding furiously.  It appears he'd forgotten that Comm Crystals don't pick up emotes.  Silly Gilly!   He finally got it right, though, as you can see below.

GilMour jumped the gun though, and covered Jixxa in smooches before the Seer ever finished saying "...kiss the bride."  Well, what can you expect from an ornery old man like that?

The reception was just grand.  Newbie Spice got out of jail though, and ran through the gates to the Avalon Tower.  She ran up to the Seer and said, "You guys thought you could get rid of me huh?" to which she replied "I ban thee."  Who said OSI doesn't have a sense of humor?   Having viewed her in a different light, I decided to ask the Seer to dance with me, which she did.  She was looking a little wild-eyed when I gave her a Valentine though, but I told her not to flatter herself.  Here I am, dancing with a OSI-type person.

Bourne apparently thought it would be funny to see a kid get drunk.  So he gave Fripp some mulled apple cider and told him it was juice.   Fripp was quite intoxicated and got a bit rowdy, as pictured below.

Too bad his cup wasn't half empty to match his degree of nakedness.  Oh well, he'll be feelin' it in the morning.

And of course all the ladies' favorite Scoundrel was there.  *swoons*  Isn't Joseph just the handsomest man you've ever seen?  I was to shy to ask him to dance though.  *is still kicking herself*   I don't think he danced with anyone so I don't even have an excuse to go into a jealous rage.  Hmmpfh.

All in all, it was a grand evening.   Love is a beautiful thing, isn't it?  Don't take my word for it though.   Ask Riena-- she's the one who caught the bouquet!  *evil grin*  So until the NEXT wedding.... this is Aya, your favorite town drunk, signing off.  *looks in Riena's direction*  I wonder just how long THAT will be......  hmmmm....


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