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The Wedding of Angelica and Shogun — 1999

The following is as reported by Sam, Avalon webmistress at the time of the Wedding.

The wedding took place at the Avalon Event Tower, and I ran from the library, not to be too late. As I got there, the other guests where arriving.

Passing the entrance hall, I noticed the brides sister, Jixxa, entertaining some of the special guests.

It soon got quite crowded! People were throwing hails and hullos all over, and my bench mate, James, added to the pre-wedding merriments by singing popular tunes.

Just so you get a feeling of the atmosphere, here are some thumb to push, would you like too!

crowds2.gif (108978 bytes)crowd3.gif (107071 bytes)crowds1.gif (116033 bytes)

Now all must be quiet, the act is about to begin!.

The photo above is quite unique, as none is uttering a word, and believe me when I say that was very rare! I think all of us was taken by the greatness of the moment and mayhaps reflected upon.

I bet these two were a tad nervous!

Here is a transcript from what my old and battered recorder 
heard of the ceremony.

Gargastan: *clears throat*

Gargastan: You were invited here this day to share in the wedding of Shogun and Angelica. Your very presence here shows that you hold a special place in their hearts and minds... Life in any world is of change, if you aren't changing or growing you are dying or dead...

Shogun and Angelica chose at this time to grow together and to walk the path laid before us as partners in life. To greet this change in their lives with determination and gratitude.. All creatures great and small were created as male and female for a purpose. As we were also. So as our creator put before us to form unions as do we this day.

We ask you now to all stand in witness for us... Who this day represents the blessings of friends and family?

Sin: I suppose that's me..... I do.....

Angelica: I, Angelica, say to you, M'Lord Shogun, that you alone hold my heart...

I pledge to always honor you... To stand by your side along the path we have chosen... I promise to try and be patient with the parts of you that are not the most compatible with me... I promise to try and temper the parts of me that are not compatible with you... I vow to try to remember to not run too far ahead of you and remember your constant state of lag... I promise to stand by you and protect you when you nod off and become disconnected with our reality... I promise not to move the furniture and "organize" things more than once a week...

I give to you this ring as a token of my vows and promises to you

Shogun: I shall try not to disconnect for too long a period and will return to you ASAP... I will look the other way when my things move mysteriously from one crate to the other in our home...

Sin: I bear witness to that

Shogun: To love, honor and order around at thy whim,  and that my love for you will never end...

Gargastan: With the vows and promises being made, and tokens of these being shown in the rings on their hands, there is nothing else to be said or done...

Gargastan: Let the congratulations and party begin!!!!

And they sure did! Look for yourself!

congrat1.gif (89811 bytes)congrat2.gif (106658 bytes)congrat3.gif (102784 bytes)

congrat4.gif (102246 bytes)congrat5.gif (46128 bytes)

Let me finish with a telegram that arrived the day after the wedding.

Our union
by Shogun & Angelica (Mr. & Mrs. Gun)

posted 7/9/99 8:57:32 AM

From Shogun & Angelica

We wish to thank all of our friends for attending our wedding last night....It was a happy time for us to see you all together on one roof (a tower really wasn't big enough *chuckles*)....We would like to add a special thank you to TBR for their impressive honor guard, Atrius for his magnetic personality on attracting so many of the blue robed ones, All the blue robed ones and seers who attended and most of all Lady Riena for her patience and use of the tower for the union....
Thank you one and all


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