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Terinda’s Song
A drinking chanty, by Terinda

Hail, my name is Terinda and I'm from Trinsic. I am just a humble lumberjack and bowyer yet even ones such as I likes to unwind a bit at the end of a hard work day.

So, what do the gentle folk of the forest like to do upon visiting relaxin' places such as the Avalon Tavern? Well, here is an example of something that lumberjacks do like to refer to as a singin' chant. These here chants assisted me greatly in timing my chopping strokes and develops the rhythm of my chop. But this here started off as a poem which I made up one day whilst choppin' trees out in the green. I've converted this to verse for this here contest and would like to very much enter it as a song.

Ahem, *clears throat*

Here goes... Milord's, Milady's...

*starts tapping empty bottles together and begins to chant*

In the deep, green Forests
where giant reapers rule,
the birds fly off a chirpin'
as my mighty axe swings.

Let's all take a sip,
and drink some wine.
Chop a log! Chop a log!

*claps hands*

In the open, green Grasslands
where tribal orcs roam,
the deer rush off a bleatin'
as my gleaming axe flashes.

Let's all have a drink,
and down some cider.
Chop a log! Chop a log!

*stomps on floor*

In the dank, green Jungles
where dreaded corpsers lurk,
the gorillas start a screamin'
as my sharp axe slices.

Let's make some noise,
and chug some wine!
Chop a log! Chop a log!

*pounds heavily on table*

In the marshy, green Swamps
where slimy lizardmen prey,
the murky waters are a bubblin'
as my sturdy axe slashes.

Let's have a bash,
and gulp some ale!
Chop a log! Chop a log!

*jumps up and down on chair*

On the soft, green carpet,
where my faithful axe rests,
the only sound heard about,
is the buzz of my snore.

Let's relax a while,
at the ole Avalon Tavern.
Saw a log! Saw a log!

*passes out under table*

Z Z z z z …


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