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Jerk’s Song
A drinking song about Avalon, by Jerk

Jerk’s song is designed to be sung along with the selection lute01.wav *,which comes from within Ultima Online, itself.

Come drink and laugh in Avalon Town, be merry and gay with us!
Pull up a chair and tell us a tale, we'll listen and cheer the deeds.
We fight together the foes of the land, and play at the CoC.
'Tis people here with knowledge and strength that will meet thy every needs.

Has life been rough, and you need an ear to unburden darkened soul,
an ale and love and friends by your side, this is what we offer thee,
so seek us out, we'll be at the bar, to help to chase off minds ghole.
Hey, come along, in honesty yield', to sing until morning wee!

* This tune is set to play automatically upon coming to this page when using certain current browsers. Usually pressing “Stop” on your browser window will stop the music.


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