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James’s Song
A drinking song about Avalon, by James, the Animal Tamer

“Hail! Here is mine drinking song. Methinks it doth include the desired topics of Avalon, drinking, ale, spirits, and friends. It is also sung to a well-known tune, Britain's Theme, which thou wouldst find on thy "hard disk" as \uo\music\britain1.mid *.

“Listen thee to that tune now (\uo\music\britain1.mid), and sing these words:”

I come each day to Avalon
to call a stranger a friend,
'tis ales and tales and time we spend
the drinks that never end
So come with me to Avalon
the good time our spirits will mend
And wake me come the morning light
and we'll do it all again.

I found my love in Avalon
with hair like dark raven's wing
She makes me laugh, she makes me whole,
she makes me smile and sing
To Avalon and I'll meet her there
amidst the warriors bold
'Tis life and love and Avalon, and
now my story is told.

* This tune is set to play automatically upon coming to this page when using certain current browsers. Usually pressing “Stop” on your browser window will stop the music.


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