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Contest of Champions

Avalon’s “Contest of Champions,” or CoC, began simply as a combat tournament in the Western Tip of the Avalon Peninsula. Hosted by the Guards of Avalon, the first arena was an area surrounded by flourbags. As Avalon’s fight night returned, again and again, the Game Masters decreed that they would create a special arena wherein such events would be waged. “My Bloody Valentine” was one such happening, occuring, as the name indicates, on one particular Valentine’s Day weekend.

My Bloody Valentine — Saturday, 13 February 99

The Contest of Champions which took place on Saturday, February the 13th of 1999 was known as “My Bloody Valentine.” This is an account of that brutal series of Player versus Player (PvP) bouts.

My Bloody Valentine



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Fight I

Vapor McDonald (Winner)
vs. Cyrus

In this relatively short fight, Vapor McDonald impaled Cyrus with his lightning-fast spearing and magic spells. The fight itself took little over a minute, but everything happened here, magics, melee, and potions. All in all, it was a great starting fight.

Fight II

Rampagh (Winner)
vs. Stormblade

In this long fight, both contestants were evenly matched. The match started with Rampagh putting the pressure on Stormblade, but once the spells started flying, there was a complete reversal of roles. From the spectator's point of view, the two contestants were dancing with each other, smacking each other with swords as well as spells. In the end, Rampagh edged out to win the fight.

Fight III

Darkarion (Winner)
vs. Lancelot

This fight was the first fight in the event where any contestant used a bludgeoning weapon. The awesome destructive power of the staff was demostrated in this awesome fight. Lancelot, using a traditional sword and spell combination, had the upper hand at first.Darkarion switched to magic, but Lancelot was faster with his sword and shield. In the end, Darkarion edged out, probably due to destroyed armor.

Fight IV

Gamina (Winner)
vs. Redrum

In the shortest fight of the event, Gamina demonstrated the powers of the mage by e-bolting the archer Redrum in around 30 seconds!

Fight V

Niobe (Winner)
vs. LiQuiD Ice

In this fight, LiQuiD Ice started with a spear while Niobe unleashed some spells first. LiQuiD was kept at bay with E-bolts and explosions, but got close enough to deal some damage. Niobe switched over to a staff, and finished it off with a e-bolt. LiQuiD survived the ebolt, with only a hair of life, only to be wrestled to death by Niobe.

Fight VI

Vapor McDonald (Winner)
vs. Gamina

This long fight was forfeited by Gamina due to tremendous lag. In the opening scene, Vapor shot Gamina with an e-bolt and tailed her with a spear while Gamina healed herself up. After an awesome barrage of explosions and e-bolts, the fight stops. If lag permitted, this fight would have been one of the longest matches of today's event.

Fight VII

Rampagh (Winner)
vs. Darkarion

In this fight, it was Rampagh's sword versus Darkarion's staff. Starting off quite evenly matched, Darkarion throws a greater explosion potion, and takes out his own sword. After seeing things aren't going his way, he takes out his double axe, and dies.

Fight VIII

Arthur (Winner)
vs. Niobe

In this well matched but quick fight between Niobe and the late entry Arthur, Niobe started out winning with her staff, but Arthur's swordsmanship prevailed, and ended the fight quickly with e-bolts.

Fight IX

Rampaugh (Winner)
vs. Vapor McDonald

Vapor starts off with spells, while Rampagh starts off with his trusty sword. Vapor switches to his awesome long spear and begins to poke holes in Rampagh. The battle continues in the same fashion and Vapor finally loses to Rampagh's e-bolt.

Interruption in the Event
Until now, the event had been going smoothly despite a slow start, but as can be seen from the [full-sized] first picture, a disgruntled contestant decides to come back with his pet daemon. The daemon is dispelled, and as far as I know, only one death occured.

Fight X

Rampaugh (Final Winner)
vs. Arthur

In this quick fight, it was a war of e-bolts and potions. Again, Rampagh's sword overwhelmed his opponent and won him the event.

Congratulations Rampagh!

Special Fight: Naked Mud Wrestling!

Legolos (Winner)
vs. Crysania

In this spectacular wrestling match between Crysania and Legolos, both stripped down to nothingness and began to pummel each other with throws and punches. Lots of down-to-earth action here, and the reckless beating was cheered on by the spectators. Crysania danced around with a sliver of life left, but Legolos got the final blow in as Crysania waltzed pass him for a blow.


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