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Officials of Avalon

This section includes the Ministers and those who contribute their time in an official capacity.

There are currently five positions on the Avalon Council of Ministers. Typically there is one character per Minister position, but there have been times in the past when the position was held equally by two persons.

Ministers of Avalon



Current Minister

Prime Minister

Spokesmen for Avalon, Coordinate the Officials of the Council. Controller of the Citizens of Avalon [CoA] [CoA] Guildstone.


Minister of Commerce

Coordinator of Housing, Vendors, and merchant activity.


Minister of Defense

Leader of the Avalon Guards, controller of the Guardians of Avalon [GoA] [GoA] guildstone. Co-ordinate arena events.


Minister of Events

Event Manager, coordinator of role-play events, quests, “fight night” tournaments, and other activities.

Riena Faire

Minister of Public Relations

Developer and distributor of news items.

MacDeath Cross

You may view the latest details of the Citizens of Avalon (also known as the [CoA]) in Origin’s web pages, here http://my.uo.com/cgi-bin/guilds.pl?g=94481e57c884a8a2:5.

Need to contact the Avalon Council of Ministers?  E-mail: ministers@avaloncity.org.

Other Official Positions
There are several positions within the Avalon governmental structure that, while not Minister positions, still are held in high regard. These positions are appointed, and held for “life,” or until the official decides to step down.

Officials of Avalon




Avalon City Librarian Maintains the Avalon Public Library. Jerk
Avalon Merchant Commissar

Operator of the Avalon “Vendor Mall,” known as the Avalon Merchant Commissary

Avalon Rune Librarian Operates the Avalon Public Rune Library. Hazard

Internet Administrators

Develop, manage, and update the web site. Maintain the e-mail service. Nobody
Message Board Administrator The Administrator of the Avalon Message Boards needs to keep apprised of the goings-on of the threads, and assist in setting up subadministrators, delete posts, or ban habitual miscreants as necessary. Claude

Guardians of Avalon [GoA]
Avalon employs a small group of dedicated individuals who protect the peninsula, her residents and visitors, especially during City events. They are known as the “Guardians of Avalon,” and their Guildstone abbreviation is [GoA]. Their Charter states: “Protect the city of Avalon; no matter the cost.”

You may view the latest details of the Guardians of Avalon (also known as the Guards of Avalon [GoA]) in Origin’s web pages, here http://my.uo.com/cgi-bin/guilds.pl?g=d09ea9369b287d33:5.

Code of Conduct

Avalon currently supports a simple rule system. All residents and visitors are asked to act according to the our code of behavior, known as the “Code of Honor,” when on the Avalon peninsula.

Our Code of Honor is meant to imply a good faith agreement to exist between visitors and citizens, whereby all who participate in Avalon can hopefully expect certain reasonable behaviors from whomever they might meet in town. The Code is as much observations into acceptable social behavior as it is into anticipated reactions. The Code of Honor is described below.

Do not take what is not yours, nor attack the Innocent
It is unacceptable to steal, loot, attack, or kill unjustly; it is a just act to act in kind to those who are witnessed to commit such unjust acts, and the just are considered acceptable. (Another way of saying it would be: Don’t bother other people unjustly. If you do then expect to have things taken from you and/or be attacked in retaliation;anyone is allowed to defend him or herself with impunity.)

(Note on Snooping: Avalon will not anticipate that Snooping will lead to Stealing. Conversely, the victim of the Snooping is allowed to anticipate such a personal crime and defend himself in the usual ways. No Citizen, Guard, nor visitor is required to assist, but may at their own discretion. Avalon considers this sort of defense a personal choice, and may not become officially involved, at the discretion of those present.)

Note: Avalon does not condone criminal acts, but recognizes that it sometimes has little control over what happens within the Avalon peninsula. At this time Avalon does not have a policy where mugged residents nor visitors will be reimbursed, although this will be attempted as reasonable. Avalon will employ the House Guard feature in certain public buildings when it becomes available, helping to ensure a safer environment for residents and visitors alike.

Lack of Violation Success
Code violations do not have to be successful to be considered as violating act. The only exception to this may be Snooping, as long at that Snooping does not lead to actual Stealing.

Repercussions of Code Violations
Some Special points considered by the Code of Honor are detailed here:

Concern Resolution
The highest ranking official available Avalon Guard [GoA] will resolve all immediate concerns regarding Code of Honor violations. The Avalon Minister of Defense (or Prime Minister) should be contacted in more complicated circumstances than those briefed herein.


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